Savour the Flavour is back for the third year.  The event will be held on Richmond Oval on Saturday, 12 October 2024 from 4pm – 9pm and will celebrate the Hawkesbury’s past and present as the original ‘food bowl’ of Sydney. The event has been created to assist Hawkesbury and the surrounds primary produces, food and beverage businesses with promoting their products.

The event aims is to entice people by sampling your products, selling them and then creating repeat business for you.

We encourage each stall to have a sampling component which you can either provide for free or for a fee no greater then $5.

The event will be fully licensed and enclosed. Please refer to the Terms and conditions for the liquor license requirements.

The cost of a space and fete marquee structure is as follows:

  • 3m x 3m Site - $127.70 Inc GST
  • 3m x 6m site - $154.25 Inc GST (if you require this size, 2 fete stall marquee structures will be organised unless discussed with events team)
  • 2.4 x 2.4m fete stall structure - $150 Inc GST (this is mandatory for all stalls unless discussed with the events team)

You will be charge for the space and the marquee structure.

Note – All fees are as per our 2024/2025 Operational Plan

Submissions for stalls close COB Friday, 2 August 2024.

Please read the Terms and Conditions below before submission.

Is your community group thinking of attending Savour the Flavour?

Community Group Application Criteria

  • Must be Hawkesbury based
  • Must have a food or beverage component to your stall
  • You will receive a free 3m x 3m space only
  • You will be a charged a fee of $150 Inc GST for a fete structure (this is mandatory for all stalls unless discussed with the events team)
  • Council will be accepting a maximum of 5 community stalls (Please note: Community groups must provide proof of non-for-profit or charitable organisation)
Terms and Conditions
  • Minors must not be permitted to enter the designated bar areas, unless in the presence of a responsible adult
  • Entry will be denied to intoxicated persons.
  • Food of a nature and quantity consistent with the responsible sale, supply and service of alcohol must be available for the entirety of the event.
  • No shots, shooters, slammers, and/or bombs
  • No drinks containing more than 44% spirits or liqueur can be sold or supplied on premises, exceptions for takeaways are permitted provided the sale of these drinks are sealed and the consumer is advised that they cannot be consumed on premises.
  • No sale or supply of beer/cider and premixed spirit beverages of alcohol by volume of more than 5.2%
  • No sale or supply of wine or champagne in a pour more than 150ml or by the bottle
  • NO sale or supply sold for consumption on premises will contain more than 30mls of spirit or liquor
  • No more than 4 alcoholic drinks may be sold, supplied or served to a patron per visit to the bar.
  • Clean drinking water must be provided at all bars
  • All staff selling or supplying alcohol must have a current Responsible Service of Alcohol Competency Card available for inspection at any time throughout the event.
  • Alcohol bought for consumption on premises must not be removed from the licensed area

Each food business activity shall be operated in accordance with the requirements of;

Food Act 2003, and Regulations thereunder. All food business operations and premises are to comply with the NSW Food Authority ‘FOOD HANDLING GUIDELINES FOR TEMPORARY EVENTS.

  1. Each food premise shall incorporate adequate hand washing facilities for the preparation of food. Designated facilities for the sole purpose of hand washing shall be located within food handling areas, separate to any other sinks provided for food preparation or utensil washing. Hand washing basins are required:
  • to be provided with hot and cold running potable water through a common mixing spout;
  • to be provided with an adequate supply of soap and single use hand towel adjacent the facility;
  • to be easily accessible at all times for the duration of the event.
  • Potable water only must be used for washing or preparing food or as aningredient in food.
  • Each food vehicle/stall shall incorporate adequate arrangements for the collection and containment of waste water containers from food preparation and cleansing activities. No waste water or other liquids shall be disposed of within the Park venue or in any storm water drainage inlet or public place. Waste liquids may only be disposed of into authorised sewer disposal point.
  • Equipment provided for cold storage/display of potentially hazardous foods such as cool rooms and other refrigeration devices shall be designed and installed to maintain foods at or below 5 degrees Celsius, or in the case of food intended to be frozen capable of maintaining that food in a frozen state. Equipment provided for the display of hot foods shall be designed and installed to maintain foods at or above 60 degrees Celsius.
  • A working portable digital thermometer accurate to ±1°C is to be available at each food premises at all times for the purposes of measuring the temperature of potentially hazardous food.
  • Each food business supplying potentially hazardous food shall ensure that an appropriately qualified food safety supervisor is present at the event. Evidence of a current Food Safety Supervisor attainment is to be provided with registration details and be available during the event.
  • Food business operators to be advised that inspection of food vehicles / stalls may be undertaken for compliance with food hygiene standards by an authorised Council officer, for which a fee may be charged.
  • (No white spaces and symbols are accepted)
    Are you a Hawkesbury based business *
    Are you a primary producer *
    Are you a Hawkesbury community organisation? Must be a charity or a non-for-profit organisation.
    If you are a alcohol based business do you have a liquor license *
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    Have completed Council's registration of temporary food premises/food vending vehicle application. *
    Will you be sampling your product *
    Will you have environmentally friendly packaging *
    Do you require access to power? * BYO is preferable. Council will speak to you regarding cost involved.
    Public Liability * Public Liability Insurance is a prerequisite for all Hawkesbury Council Events.
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